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A woman in her late thirties standing outside and looking happy and free from pmdd holding

Freedom from menstrual suffering

Helping women struggling with PMS and PMDD get their lives back

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Swap hormonal chaos for calm, balance & peace of mind

Are you struggling with menstrual mental health? Perhaps you're experiencing mood swings that are interfering with daily life and affecting your relationships or ability to maintain balance in your life?


I can help you transform your monthly experience and find freedom amongst menstrual suffering.


My unique approach to menstrual health looks beyond PMS and PMDD symptoms into a deeper story; this method emphasises the mind-body connection and focuses on all aspects of what it means to be cyclical.


I believe in empowering my clients to take control of their own health by providing them with the guidance, tools and resources necessary to take control of their most challenging symptoms, create balance, calm and joy in their lives.

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This is EXACTLY why I created my 1:1 cycle coaching programme


If you feel like your hormones are holding your back, are struggling with premenstrual anxiety, low mood, irritability, overwhelm or perhaps you have been diagnosed with PMDD, I can help.


My signature 1:1 coaching programme will take you from chaos to calm and give you your life back.

Hi, I'm Lisa

I'm on a mission to help women struggling with PMS or PMDD come back to calm and regain control of their lives.


My holistic, feminist approach to the menstrual cycle is designed to help you achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


If you're sick of feeling like you're on a hormonal rollercoaster, I am here to support you on your journey to better menstrual health.

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A woman who used to have PMDD wearing a red scarf looking out to sea

1:1 coaching

My 1:1 signature coaching programme is designed to help you transform your relationship to your PMS or PMDD symptoms, greatly reduce stress and achieve optimal wellness. My holistic approach combines Menstruality education with meditative and somatic practices and 1:1 coaching. This is the showstopper giving you everything you need to have calmer cycles and achieve a higher state of wellbeing that will serve you for life.

A beautiful pink and red uterus made out of flowers

Online Classroom

In these downloadable video workshops, you will learn tools and techniques for reducing premenstrual stress and achieving optimal health. From self care practices to relationship tips, my menstrual workshops offer unique insight & knowledge that you can apply right away.

Two female HR professionals standing at a computer talking about how to make their workplace menstrual health aware

Corporate Consultancy

Through innovative consulting and educational initiatives, I offers practical guidance and training for employers to address menstrual health in the workplace.

Read my feature in Authority magazine on how to create inclusive workplaces

What My Clients Say

"Before I started working with Lisa, I had debilitating PMS symptoms that were affecting everything.


Three months later I feel like a new woman. This coaching has been life-changing - I no longer dread certain times of the month and I feel like I have my life back. I’ve loved all the content and exercises we did and all of the 1:1 sessions.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Lisa and if you are struggling with your hormones you seriously need Lisa in your life!!"



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