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How can 1:1 Cycle Coaching help you?

How long have you been thinking of your menstrual cycle as a burden? Perhaps the hormone shifts are crushing you and you're struggling to cope? But what if your period was not the enemy, but an ally?


My 1:1 sessions are a transformative combination of education and coaching support to reduce severe PMS and PMDD symptoms. Together, we will undergo a thorough enquiry into your cycle and how you can use it to create a more balanced, nourished and happier life on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will learn the core foundations of Menstruality and how to make your hormones work for you instead of against. You will also learn how to connect to your cycle as a source of innate power and wisdom.


​  PMS and PMDD Relief: Learn a radical, game-changing approach to managing challenging PMS and PMDD symptoms. My clients are known to have huge shifts in symptom reduction within the first month

Emotional Resilience: Expert tools and proven strategies to manage mood swings, reduce overwhelm and find emotional balance throughout your entire cycle


Life overhaul: My feminist, holistic approach addresses every aspect of you; the physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects of your well-being


Confidence! I love seeing my clients have huge leaps in their confidence as they become masters of their menstrual moods & prepared for every day of your menstrual cycle. This has a profound effect on their self-esteem and the ripples this has into the rest of their life are amazing to watch.


Tonnes of support: As you apply learnings & practices to your cycle I will be there to celebrate every win and guide you through any obstacles as they arise. Because I have been there, I really care and I will be your biggest cheerleader for success.

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Heal menstrual suffering and transform your experience of menstrual problems

Give balance back to your life and increase energy levels

Bulletproof you against burnout

Teach you true body literacy so that you can quickly resolve any health and wellbeing challenges

Improve relationships with partners, friends and family

Hold space for you to heal past or present trauma

Level up how you do business plus boost your motivation and creativity at work

Completely rewire the way you view your experience as a woman

Help you unearth, create and achieve your wildest dreams

Prepare you for menopause and post-menopause life

Restore in you an inner dignity and a deep appreciation for the Feminine

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Why me? Because I've been there

I suffered from PMDD for over a decade, stuck on antidepressants and feeling terrified of the anxiety and intrusive thoughts that would strike just before my period. My cycle was making me feel suicidal and I had no idea what to do.


Then I found Menstruality. I trained a menstrual cycle coach after healing my symptoms while completing the Red School's Menstruality Leadership Training in 2020, where I was directly mentored by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Since then I’ve been helping countless women around the world improve their menstrual mental health.


I've been featured by The Royal College of Nursing in the UK, Authority magazine in the US, global menstrual health brand LOLA, co-authored a PhD on the phases of the menstrual cycle and I am a proud patron of Kenyan menstrual health charity Rise Above Period Poverty.


This knowledge is what changed my life when I was struggling with my own cycle years ago.


Now I want it to change yours.

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What you get:

  • 12 x 1:1 coaching sessions with me (held on Zoom)

  • Weekly online course content tailored to you and your cycle

  • Somatic practices and experiential exercises to help you deepen into this work

  • Email or WA support between sessions

  • Integration guidance

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Be healthier and better balanced

Feel in control of your emotions

Forge an intimate relationship with your cycle

Be a human BEING as well as a human DOING

Be happier in your own skin and able to handle inner critic

Know exactly how to care for yourself no matter what

Feel more connected to the Divine Feminine and nature

Be a changemaker, a rebel, a revolutionary

Develop a deep trust in yourself

Move from fear to love

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If you are nodding your head and saying to yourself,

'YES I want this!' book your free consultation below


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