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"It's just PMS?" YEAH, right.

Have you ever been told, "It's just PMS, everyone goes through it. Just push through it"? This advice, while well-meaning, oversimplifies and undermines the real experiences of those dealing with severe PMS or PMDD. The misconception that you can simply will yourself to overcome the complex physical and emotional symptoms of PMS/PMDD not only invalidates personal experiences but also prevents many from seeking the support and understanding they need.

Severe PMS and PMDD involve a range of symptoms that can significantly impact daily life, relationships, and overall well-being. These aren't minor inconveniences that a bit of grit can overcome; they're serious issues that require a nuanced approach. The "just push through it" mentality fails to recognise the hormonal imbalances and neurological changes involved, making those affected feel inadequate for not being able to "handle" their symptoms.

Instead of trying to muscle through the discomfort and emotional turmoil, acknowledging and understanding your menstrual cycle can be a game-changer. By becoming aware of the specific phases of your cycle and how they affect your body and mind, you can start to implement strategies that work with your body's natural rhythms. This might include adjusting your schedule to accommodate lower-energy days and adopting stress-reduction techniques tailored to when you're most vulnerable. 


And I say, FUCK THIS.

It's time to stand up to this gaslighting and bullying and reclaim your cycle as a source of POWER - yes I'm talking to you who hates your cycle right now. I believe your extreme symptoms are calling you to live a new life. And I can show you how. 

Love, Lisa x

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