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But will Menstruality coaching work for me?

Updated: Apr 18

Many of you ask me, "But will Menstruality Coaching work for me?"

Whether you're considering joining my Period Power online course and academy or just curious about what it offers, I want to address your concerns directly and help you understand how this course can meet your needs.


If you're struggling with PMDD or severe PMS, I want to reassure you that this course is designed specifically for complex menstrual issues like yours. The content we cover offers practical solutions that have already transformed the menstrual experiences of many women. You're not alone in this, and there's real, actionable knowledge available that can lead to significant improvements in your symptoms and overall quality of life.

Pain, PCOS or Endo?

For those of you dealing with period pain, endometriosis, or PCOS, the teachings in Period Power focus on understanding your body and applying strategies to lessen pain and manage your symptoms effectively. We've seen many participants feel more in control and achieve a better balance in their lives after applying the course principles.

Irregular cycles?

If your cycle is irregular, Period Power will help you work with it as it is. The course equips you with the tools to understand and adapt to your body’s rhythms, enhancing your well-being even if your cycle doesn't fit the typical patterns.

Too busy?

For those who are always busy and feel like they don’t have enough time, I’ve structured Period Power with you in mind. The course is flexible, with monthly support calls and resources that fit into your hectic schedule. You can engage with the material at your own pace, making learning manageable alongside your other commitments.

Uncomfortable discussing it?

If you're an introvert or simply prefer to keep your journey private, that’s completely okay. There's no requirement to share anything you're not comfortable with. This course is about your personal growth and learning; you can take from it what you need, privately and at your own pace.


To those in their perimenopausal years, while Period Power is not exclusively a menopause course, the insights into menstrual health can still be beneficial. It's about understanding changes in your body and managing your health proactively, which can be incredibly valuable during the perimenopausal phase.

No cycle at all?

And if you don’t have a menstrual cycle, whether due to medical reasons or life stage, you're welcome here too. Some of our members track the moon's cycle as a way to connect with natural rhythms, which might be something that resonates with you.

Don't identify as female?

Lastly, Period Power is inclusive and open to all cyclical beings aged 18 and over. Regardless of how you identify, if you're interested in learning about and supporting your cyclical health, this course is for you.

I created this course because I believe in empowering you with knowledge and practical tools to manage your menstrual health. Every aspect of Period Power is designed to support your journey toward a more balanced and comfortable menstrual experience. So, if you’re wondering whether this course will work for you, I am here to ensure it does. Your health and empowerment are my top priorities and I can't wait for you to start this brand new empowered chapter in your life.

Love, Lisa x

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