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Alex's story - the intense yo-yoing menstrual mood swings had to stop - she needed a natural treatment for pms and pmdd mood swings fast

Updated: Apr 18

Have you ever found yourself overreacting to a situation one week, only to wonder what all the fuss was about the next? If this sounds familiar, you're certainly not alone. Many of us brush off our menstrual mood swings as just another part of life, something to endure rather than understand and manage. 

Take the case of my client Alex, who found herself in a cycle of apology and regret, her emotions peaking in ways that felt almost alien to her. One moment, she was in a heated argument with her boss at work over something trivial, and the next, she was engulfed in an inexplicable sadness and couldn’t get out of bed. It was a pattern that seemed as inevitable as it was damaging, not just to herself but to her relationships as well. But nothing ever changed and Alex just put up with it until one day she decided enough was enough and she sought help and support, finding me while looking for a natural treatment for pms mood swings.

The thing is, the reason we often overlook these emotional waves is simple: they've become normalised as something to put up with or something wrong with us!! We're taught to view them as an unavoidable side effect of our menstrual cycle, something to be joked about rather than addressed. However, as you well know, the impact on our mental health, relationships, and daily life is anything but trivial.

For Alex, the breakthrough came when she started to map out her emotional landscape across her cycle. She discovered that her most intense emotional responses had a pattern, one that, once recognised, could be anticipated and managed.

The solution wasn't about suppressing her feelings but understanding their roots and finding healthier outlets. Simple lifestyle tweaks, mindfulness practices, looking at her relationship to her cycle on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and putting in boundaries around her cycle's most volatile periods led to a profound shift. Her life became calmer, her relationships more stable, and her own self-understanding deepened.

If you've been sidelining your emotional well-being, thinking it's just part of the deal, let Alex's story inspire you to take a closer look.

Understanding the nuances of your menstrual cycle can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Love, Lisa

As a dedicated PMS and PMDD holistic practitioner, I specialise in Menstruality coaching, helping women naturally balance their moods and enhance their overall well-being. My approach combines evidence-based practices with holistic methods to address the unique challenges of menstrual health issues. I am committed to empowering women through personalised coaching and education, enabling them to regain control of their health and lead fulfilling lives. 

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