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What's the true meaning of self care - clue: it's not what you think

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Self care. That word. Hmm. It's bandied about so often these days and usually we think of hot baths, face masks, naps. These are all amazing of course but sometimes self care can be saying no to an invite, saying why not to a random art class or yes to nailing a project at work. It comes in many forms - but how do you know which one to do and when? Often we aren't making the right choices for what we really need and this can lead to feeling worse.

Menstruality is about understanding the unique phases of the cycle and customising your TLC routine accordingly - to your dreams, desires and needs (and also your fears, stresses and strains). Invest a bit of time getting to know your cycle and you can proactively handle mood shifts and deepen your body connection.

So before you splash on generic 'self care', why not learn your how your body works first?

Love, Lisa x

If you want to know how to activate your own personalised self care take my online course Period Power: Master Your Menstrual Moods and Change Your Life

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