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When your menstrual moods affect your workouts

You're exhausted but full of stress so you think exercise would help. But you can't face the gym, so yoga it is. But half way through you hear that familiar inner voice - 'this isn't enough, it's too slow and I'm not good enough, I can't do headstands, I should've gone for a run, I've wasted my time now, what a waste, I can't do it.'

Why is it so easy some days and other times you're at war with yourself? Why are your moods so unpredictable? How can you stop feeling so down about yourself?

Our cycles affect everything from our energy levels, motivation and our moods. That voice - the inner critic - that we all have can rear it's ugly head when we are not in alignment with our cycle. One tip is to sync your workouts to your cycle. Learning which exercises are best at different times of the menstrual month can really help to organise and choose what to do so that you feel in control and your body & mind are getting what they need to feel good.

Love, Lisa x

If you want to learn how to start making your menstrual cycle work for you, check out my online course Period Power now.

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