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Considering hormonal contraception to control your hormones? Read this

Have you ever considered taking medication to stop your hormones being so intense? Maybe you've come off hormonal contraception recently and you're feeling all over the place so you think you better go back on, or perhaps you've never taken the pill before but you're considering it because you've just had your fifth meltdown in a three days. And you think how am I going to cope next month? Wll I ever get off this horrible rollercoaster? And what's going to happen at menopause?!

One piece of advice I tell women in this situation is this: Instead of thinking that your premenstrual emotions are bad things to be erased, what if they were SUPPOSED to be there and what if instead it was society that is refusing to accept women in their wildest selves? What if your extreme symptoms were the result of this suppression?

While you are taking hormonal contraception such as the pill or the implant, you are suppressing your menstrual power. Obviously you must do what is best for you considering all options and this is something to decide on your own or with a GP but it's important to have ALL the information. Your menstrual cycle is more than just a reproductive tool. It is like the control room for your overall health and wellbeing, it is your creative ally and your own untapped source of inner wisdom.

To find out how to balance your menstrual moods naturally, take my online course Period Power: Master Your Menstrual Moods & Change Your Life

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