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Losing control, premenstrual freakouts and social anxiety

Let me tell you about Lucy. She was desperate to find balance in her life, feeling sidelined by the severe PMS symptoms that threw her off course every month. Just when she'd hit her stride at work, after ovulation her symptoms would kick in, and she would lose control. Days off, freakouts, social anxiety, she couldn't face anything or anyone until her period arrived.

The worst thing was that Lucy worked as a lawyer in a high-pressure environment where taking a step back wasn’t really an option, and even talking about periods was still a huge taboo.

The turning point for Lucy came when she realized that fighting against her cycle was less effective than learning to work with it. Instead of seeing her menstrual cycle as hellish, she used it to transform her worklife balance, self care and symptoms. At the same time she grew her self esteem and learned how to advocate for her own needs more.

Lucy did things differently. She started to look at who she was in a way that meant going against the grain. It was time for her to stand up for herself and not let the patriarchal system that she worked in rule her life. She discovered that a lot of what she was feeling every month held clues to bigger things in her life. She was also able to use her cycle to actually improve her symptoms - yes, the thing that was causing her all the problems was actually the solution!

Lucy found empowerment in her cycle, turning what she once saw as a vulnerability into her strength.

And here's the kicker: Lucy's newfound approach and confidence didn't go unnoticed. She actually got promoted! I know WTF. All by embracing her cycle, not fighting it. YAS!

So, if you're sitting there thinking your situation is too complex, or your challenges too hard to get through, let Lucy's story remind you: understanding and working with your cycle can transform not just how you manage PMS/PMDD but how you navigate life.

Read that last sentence again.

And then message me.

Love, Lisa x

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