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What if I have irregular cycles - will the inner seasons still apply to me?

You think Menstruality could really help you but you wonder how to do it because your cycles are irregular. You don’t know when your next period will come so don’t feel like the inner seasons apply to you. So…is it for you?

This is something I get asked all the time and the answer is absolutely yes! In fact many women find that their cycles begin to regulate once they start digging deeper into their own menstrual story and learning the 3 menstrual maps, engaging with their inner critic and spending some time looking at the history of their own cycle and how that relates to the deeper story of menstrual wisdom.

It’s coming back into relationship with your cycle and your body in a profound way that we should have been taught when we had our first periods.

Love, Lisa x

To learn how to balance your menstrual moods and take control of your hormones, take my online course Period Power: Manage Your Menstrual Moods and Change Your Life.

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