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Why Am I Suffering So Much Before My Period? And what natural hormone balancers can I use?

Updated: Apr 18

We can look at challenging menstrual symptoms through three different lenses: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Firstly, what's going on physically? This is where we want to think about self care particularly in terms of diet and detoxification. There is so much toxicity in the environment, add in nutrient depletion and fatigue and you may have your answer.

Or could it be something on the emotional level. This might be how you are feeling, your current lifestyle and relationships, your self-esteem and confidence, your personal history, the life challenges that you have had, or trauma.

Spiritually we are all at our most intuitive in the premenstrual phase and during menstruation - is there something you are not attending to in your life? It's key to think about what triggers you and what keeps recurring?

The overall lesson here is that Menstruality can help you to reframe suffering as clues to something more. It's like turning on your own inner badass body-literate detective and this is what becomes your own natural hormone balancer.

Another aspect to consider is how harsh is your inner critic when you are premenstrual? This is the voice inside that tells you that everything is shit, mostly you. Does it pull you under?

Every cycle offers you a chance to confront and quiet your inner critic—the voice that intensifies premenstrually and tries to convince you that you're not enough. By understanding the cyclical nature of these thoughts, you can start to diminish their power over you, replacing criticism with compassion. This shift is crucial for moving forward and embracing a more balanced perspective on your self-worth and capabilities.

I help put this bully back in its place by teaching women the foundations of Menstruality and cyclical living. Working with me, they learn how to use their cycle as a diagnostic tool and take away practical skills to calm their wild premenstrual moods.

I have seen clients transform their experience of this difficult week in just 1 month of working together. They activate a new relationship to their cycle and it changes everything.

As a dedicated PMS and PMDD holistic practitioner, I specialise in Menstruality coaching, helping women naturally balance their moods and enhance their overall well-being. My approach combines evidence-based practices with holistic methods to address the unique challenges of menstrual health issues. I am committed to empowering women through personalised coaching and education, enabling them to regain control of their health and lead fulfilling lives. 

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