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How my client Pip stopped feeling at the mercy of her menstrual moods in just one month

"It's like I turn into someone I don't recognise," said one of my clients, Pip. The unpredictability of her mood swings and the severity of her physical symptoms left her feeling disconnected from her own life, struggling to maintain her usual pace at work and in her personal relationships.

She said that watching others manage their lives smoothly made her feel even more isolated. The sense that she was battling her symptoms in solitude, while everyone else seemed to thrive, deepened her sense of despair.

She came to me wanting to feel less emotionally drained every month and exhausted by her life as a mother and teacher. She’d tried meditation, exercise, diet changes but while they helped it didn’t address the root cause of her feelings.

I showed Pip how to look beyond her symptoms. Menstruality goes to the core of who you are as a cyclical woman. It’s your ultimate ally to living your best life and as a woman, seriously, living without it is making life so much harder than it needs to be.

One month later she told me she is now able to “anticipate and navigate the different phases of my month more effectively and I am learning how to live with my cycle, rather than against.”

She focused on practical, everyday strategies tailored to her cycle that taught her how to become self-aware and proactively manage her symptoms. Pip quickly found herself feeling more balanced and less at the mercy of her premenstrual symptoms.

This is what happens when you have the education and guidance to overcome premenstrual misery AND you do the work to put boundaries in to your life. Pip told me after that the biggest difference with her life now is she no longer fears that time of the month.

"For the first time, I feel like I'm not just surviving; I'm actually living," she messaged, grateful for the collective wisdom and support that had guided her to a deeper understanding of her body and its rhythms.

You can have this in your life too.

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It's time to do this!!

Love, Lisa x

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