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Why quick fixes won't work for PMDD

When PMDD takes over each month, it can feel exhausting trying to desperately find something that promises relief. Googling away, many women fall into a common trap of over-relying on quick-fix solutions.

Whether it's self-medicating with unhealthy food, caffeine, alcohol or drugs, spending a fortune on random things on Amazon or taking the day off, what seem like temporary 'fixes' only offer an immediate escape from the intense emotional distress PMDD brings.

However, this approach often exacerbates symptoms, leading to a vicious cycle of highs and lows that only deepen the struggle.

Of course the allure of a quick solution is totally understandable and can feel like the only solution. But these temporary reliefs address only the symptoms, not the root causes or the cyclic nature of PMDD. They can mask any underlying issues or emotional needs that need to be heard, blocking any pathways for healing and empowerment.

Here's what I've learned and what I teach: tackling PMDD requires a holistic approach. Instead of reaching for a temporary fix, engaging with practices that promote balance and understanding of your body's needs can transform your experience.

By exploring your sensitivities, you can start making choices that support and nourish you - for life.

If you are ready to create LASTING changes to your cycle, book in for a free consultation with me today.

Love, Lisa x

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